UP Arrows

UP Arrows

Blue “UP” Arrows – Background Information: The “UP” Arrows or Blue Arrows campaign was introduced in 2001. It was the brainchild of committee member Diane Traibman and because it was such a big success, it has become a yearly Fundraiser for July-August.

Organizations around the area sell the Blue Arrows the week(s) of their choice during the summer months in the hopes of attracting some of our summer visitors to help the Fund.

Dan Feehily presents check to Annie

Jackson’s Star Market in Meredith has been the largest seller of the Blue Arrows each year. If you are in the area during July or August look around for the Blue Arrows and make a donation to the Fund and please don’t forget to support the merchants selling the arrows.

Thanks for supporting the UP Fund Jackson Star!


Annie, MacGregor and Heidi Nason

Major Fundraiser Background: Over the years the Fund has had many fundraisers ranging from auctions, silent auctions, sailing on the Mount Washington, dining around town to “A Night at the Races”. To date $225,000 has been raised and most of it was done locally. We are very thankful to all our supporters. It is because of them that we have been able to give out so many awards. (Check out our Financial Award Page)

Last year the committee introduced a new raffle fundraiser. The idea is to “sell” 300 tickets for a donation of $100 each with the winner receiving $10,000. This is to become an Annual event. Don’t miss out. You can’t beat the odds!!

MacGregor Gay, a 5 yr. old boy with Down Syndrome who is receiving therapeutic riding lessons provided by the Fund was on hand to draw the winning ticket(s) at the Corner House Inn in Sandwich on October 7, 2004. MacGregor received assistance from “UP” Fund President Don Brown.

And the lucky winner(s) were:

$10,000 – Chris Read
$1,000 – Heidi Nason
$500 – Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Yorks
$100 – Mr. & Mrs. Greg Berry
$100 – Paul Dixon

And thank you for supporting the “UP” Fund

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