Moulton Bake Sale, 2004

Moulton Bake Sale, 2004

Background Information: Three years ago John Moulton of Moulton Farm in Meredith expanded his farm to include a bakery. The week before he officially opened for business, John generously offered to hold a “Bake Off” and he donated the “TOTAL” proceeds to the Fund. Annie was there to greet everyone as they arrived and with her were Gary Bell and Jerry Moses, former Red Sox players. The “UP” Fund committee members manned the cash registers and a total of $1,858 was raised.

The committee members couldn’t have done too much damage with the cash register mistakes because John invited us back again last year for a “Second Annual Bake Sale” on the weekend before he officially opened. Once again all the sales of “Baked Goods” went to the Fund and $1,892 was raised.

On April 30th and May 1st of this year we held our “Third Annual Bake Sale” at the farm. This year it was held on opening weekend and again the “UP” Fund committee members manned the registers in 3 hour shifts. (Of course we got a lot of help from the regular farm workers.)
Saturday was extremely busy because not only was John donating all the proceeds from “Baked Goods” to the Fund, he also was letting the Belknap County Conservation Trust use his farm for their annual plant sale.

Annie was there to hug and kiss people as they arrived and a cup coffee was free for the taking. Everyone had a great time and we raised $1,953 for the Fund.

Thank you John Moulton!!

If you are in the area, please make sure you stop by the farm. You will not be disappointed because everything they have for sale is first quality. Tell them Annie sent you!

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